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ByAndrew Jones


Teddy Wakeman

Every weekend I host a dinner party for my family and friends to get together and spend some time together over a home cooked meal. It’s the one day a week I get to see all the grandkids and my children too. I look forward to it every week! So, when I was preheating my oven and it would not heat up, I was completely devastated. I then placed a call into Superior Appliance Repair, they sent their technician Bill. He arrived very fast and got right to work. The controllers on the stove were acting up, so he fixed the issue to allow me to get back to my cooking prep and still serve my meal for my family. I am extremely thankful!

ByAndrew Jones


Andrew Charles

I always had an older dryer, but I thought it was an old and reliable one always drying my clothes, until one day it didn’t. I opened my dryer one morning to find my clothes were still wet! I called Superior Appliance Repair Calgary and they scheduled a technician to come when I was done work. When the technician came, he had to repair the heating core in the dryer to get it working again. He was very helpful, I appreciate your help guys!

ByAndrew Jones


Joanna Jones

On the weekend I have one day to do all my laundry for the week, I typically have one day off all week to do my laundry. The other weekend I threw my clothing into the washer and went about my day. When I came back was washer was overflowing with water and my clothes were soaking wet. I then called Superior Appliance Edmonton right away and they sent a tech right out, I was surprised they were even open none the less sending someone out immediately. When the tech arrived, he drained my washer and repaired the broken draining mechanism in a little more than 20 minutes. After he was done, I was able to finish my weekly laundry wash in no time at all.

ByAndrew Jones


Rita Johnson

I recently moved into a new home in a new city. My new house came loaded with all the kitchen appliances I could need. When I got the house, I thought all of the appliances were in working order. That is until I started using my dishwasher, the dishes were not being cleaned at all and coming out all dirty. It turns out the water line that was hooked up to my dishwasher was not attached properly. In a few hours the same day the technicians came and was done with the job fixing my washer. He stayed until the cycle was completed just to make sure the job was done right. I’m so glad I called Superior Appliance Calgary!

ByAndrew Jones


Andrew Toni

There was a quick power surge one night in my neighbourhood and when the power came back, I thought everything was all fine. But when I got up the next morning to get food out of the fridge, I noticed that it wasn’t cooling anymore and the fridge was no longer working. I was in a panic until I put in a call to Superior Appliance Repair, and they sent a technician to come and fix my refrigerator. He found out the compressor wasn’t working and replaced it right away. My fridge was back and working the very same day.